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Arbiter's Decisions

You can search for decisions delivered by the Arbiter for Financial Services and judgements delivered by the Court of Appeal (Civil, Inferior) for those decisions that have been appealed.

You may refine your search as wanted by the name of the financial services provider, the language of the decision, the decision year, decision date from/to, the sector, decision outcome, and whether the decision has been appealed or not. If you select by sector (e.g. 'Banking'), you may filter down your choice by selecting issue (e.g. 'Charges') and/or product (e.g. 'Cards'). Please browse the drop-down filters on the left-hand side.

The database of Arbiter's decisions is updated periodically. In accordance with the OAFS policy, complainants' names in such decisions are pseudonymised (the actual names are replaced by unrelated alphabetical references).

The remit of the Arbiter for Financial Services is to investigate and adjudicate complaints lodged by eligible complainants (individuals and micro-enterprises) against financial services providers who are licensed or authorised by the Maltese financial services regulator. When cases are referred to the Arbiter and a decision is issued, such a decision is binding on both parties.

Either party can request the Arbiter for clarification or correction to any computation, clerical, typographical, or similar errors within 15 days from the delivery of a decision. Decisions may be upheld in full, partially upheld, or rejected, and may be appealed by any of the parties.

As to the Court of Appeal (Civil, Inferior) judgements, we refer to the Court Services Agency's eCourts website ( for the relevant case reference numbers and appeal judgements. Information about appealed decisions on our website is updated periodically. However, such information should always be cross-checked with the eCourts website as we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to its completeness, accuracy or reliability.

Please get in touch with us through our “Contact us” page if you come across any broken links or other incorrect information.Thank you.

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ASF case reference Financial Service Provider Outcome Date of Arbiter's Decision Appeal Court reference
ASF 207/2023 Mapfre MSV Life plc Partially Upheld by Arbiter 10/05/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 070/2024 Openpayd Financial Services Malta Limited Not Upheld 10/05/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 115/2023 Truevo Payments Ltd Not Upheld 30/04/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 100/2023 Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited Upheld by Arbiter 30/04/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 044/2024 CSB International Limited Not Upheld 12/04/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 197/2023 GlobalCapital Financial Management Limited Partially Upheld by Arbiter 12/04/2024 32/2024
In progress
ASF 108/2023 Atlas Insurance PCC Limited Upheld by Arbiter 12/04/2024 35/2024
In progress
ASF 160/2023 Sovereign Pension Services Limited Upheld by Arbiter 12/04/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 199/2023 Riverside Insurance Agency Malta Limited Not Upheld 04/04/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 087/2023 APS Bank plc Not Upheld 04/04/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 220/2023 Papaya Ltd Not Upheld 04/04/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 181/2023 Atlas Healthcare Insurance Agency Limited Not Upheld 28/03/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 211/2023 Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Services Limited Partially Upheld by Arbiter 28/03/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 063/2023 Sovereign Pension Services Limited Not Upheld 22/03/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 119/2023 Foris Dax MT Limited (formerly MCO Malta Dax Limited ) Not Upheld 22/03/2024 23/2024
In progress
ASF 006/2024 Papaya Ltd Not Upheld 21/03/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 198/2023 APS Bank plc Upheld by Arbiter 21/03/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 212/2023 Insurem Insurance Limited Not Upheld 13/03/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 105/2023 Sovereign Pension Services Limited Not Upheld 07/03/2024 Not Appealed
ASF 111/2023 CCGM Pension Administrators Limited Not Upheld 07/03/2024 18/2024
In progress